About Us

The Islamic Society of Nevada believes that the sources of Islam are the Holy Quran and the authentic teachings of the seal the messengers, Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).
Islam is a universal message of God to humanity and Muslims are not an ethnic group, race, color, or tribe. The ISON does not allow any ethnic and racial overtones in its activities. ISON uses the languages of the land, the English language as the language of communication and conducting its activities. ISON does not promote any Sect, school of thought (or ‘madhab’ in Arabic) or party or faction.

ISON believes that men and women are equally responsible to put the effort, formalize the policies and design the plans for the organization. ISON advocates the codes and ethics of Islamic behavior in all aspects of life including dress and personal communication, and believes that there is no compulsion in religion. ISON believes that the dignity of human being and its preservation is the paramount duty of its founders, supporters workers and helpers.